Lincoln Land

What is Lincoln Land?


Lincoln Land Community College or LLCC (sometimes called Losers Last Chance College) is a community college located in Springfield, Illinois. Until recently it was looked down upon to attend there until people realized that it's not a bad school. Sure, it's cheap. But why pay $20,000 to take your general ed classes when you can spend $1,500? And maybe there's a wee bit of a drinking thing, but hey, it's college. They offer many different classes, the campus is amazing, and fairly large for a community college. Recently they gained notoriety in the WWI community with the recreation of a WWI-era trench dug on the LLCC campus by students and volunteers. The school features a diverse group of professors - one even hailing from England! With average class sizes of 17-20 (except for U.S Government/History) it's a very close learning environment. They have a computer lend program and have wi-fi on the campus. It's the perfect choice for the high school graduate that is not sure on a major or for an adult going to get a certificate.

I'm going to Lincoln Land next year and majoring in either Pre-Law or Political Science.

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a small community college in central Illinois known for it's low standards and routinely leading to the drinking problem of underage kids in central illinois, do not ever let your children go there, do not let them "move into town" and go to college in springfield because truth is they will end up dropping out of COMMUNITY COLLEGE and working somewhere at the mall most likely Pacsun or Gloria Jeans Coffee. A few years down the road they will probably obtain a decent state job to support their mediocre lives. If you are ever thinking about saving money and attending a community college for two years DO NOT GO TO LINCOLN LAND, you will never get out alive.

Wow that girl from high school went to Lincoln Land, she must be pregnant, dead, or a coke head.

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