What is Linkdarkside?


One who smells like Grunty poo and masturbates to angsty emos.

Dude, your such a linkdarkside.

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An idiot Gamespot user that goes to the .hack//G.U. board on GameFAQs despite the lack of friends he has their. He stopped going to school after his Freshman year, because of this his grammar and spelling is very weak. An example is that he couldn't spell harassment and wrote " haraseng ment."

His last name is Laboy. Despite being on the internet, he can't make comebacks or stand up for himself and seeks Moderators to do his work. the person who hates him the most is The_Rebirth because the little weenie got the Moderators to deal with him causing him the loss of 33 karma points.

Linkdarkside is hated by all on the internet, skaters pee in his mouth.

Don't be a linkdarkside, he smells like Grunty poo.

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