Liquid Generation

What is Liquid Generation?


A site that one time prided itself with always being current, having great animation, being absolutely hillarious, and pushing the envelope. Had memorable skits like Masterpiece Movie Reviews and even a game where you had to spot the transvestite. Memorable, indeed.

LG has now become a shitfest, mostly since The Walrus left a couple of years ago to launch his own project, ZipperFish, which is nothing more than a subscription page for porn ads. Once a force to be rekoned with, you'd probably find the average E/N site funnier.

Idiot: d00d, LG r0x0rz mah s0x0rs.

Me: Fuck off and die!


Title of a comedy website (liquidgeneration) that features games such as "Whose Boobs?", "Who'd You Rather?" and "The Movie Poster Game".

Liquid Generation is/was very funny.


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