Llama Boob

What is Llama Boob?


llama boobs are boobsthat only llama believers have, people that worship the llamas as well. These llama boobscontain special powers just like llama ass , but llama boobs are way more special!

(the special powers CAN NOT be written on slangdefine because llamalovers already know them :p )

llamalover : my assis gonna buy it for you

non-llama lover : ur ass?!

llamalover : yes

non-llama lover : i dint noe ur asscud buy things =-O

llamalover : yup yup... i have a llama ass

non-llama lover : what can ur boobsdo =-O?

llamalover : im not telling you =p

non-llama lover : i wannaa noe !

llamalover : too bad

non-llama lover : cuz i wanna do that too :]

llamalover : i have llama boobs

llamalover : && u don't

llamalover : llama boobs have powerssssssss.

See llama, ass, butt, lover


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