What is L.l.bean?


A great brand for people wanting to look simple yet classy. It's rightfully priced because of it's quality and name, unlike the brands you see today like Abercrombie and Fitch. Gives you the "New Englander" look. L.L.Bean is a little expensive but if you are looking for quality, elegance, simplicity, and class, look no further. did i mention their book bags last a lifetime?

Alicia walked all the way to the teachers desk from the back of the room. All the kids examined the new student from Boston with her cram, cashmere sweater and brown khakis as she walked passed them. One girl whispered to her friend, "I like her sweater. where'd she get it?". Her friend responded, "I think it's L.L.Bean"

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Freeport, Maine's clothing brand for ugly, messy, geeky ass New-Englanders or the same kind of people who wish they lived in New England. Everyone who wears it thinks they're so fucking smart but they're really geeks who hug trees. The sizing is inconsistant, its overpriced, and not to mention its ugly and boring! Their clothes have no style or personal flair.

Look at the exchange student from Massachusetts. She's got the ugliest clothes I've ever seen. I think they're L.L. Bean.


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