What is L2l2lu?


1. Literal def: Love to love to love you. (an excited exageration of love or excess physical attraction expressed between dudes and chix's)

1a. A quick and short assed way of saying "I love to love to love you".

1b. aka the chat/or song style: Luv 2 luv 2 luv ya. Populated primarily by artist Timberland in favor of his favorite tort,Miss E misdemeanor Elliot.

1a. Dude: Sup sw33t thang, l2l2lu!

Chix: OMFG, will u rox0r my b0xor?

1b. Timberland: "...love 2 love 2 love ya..."

Missy E: "It's my window, I can't stand da rain..."

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