Lloyd Irving

What is Lloyd Irving?


The main character in Tales of Symphonia. I say main because most of the story you wil be playing as him and based around him ( and colette ) but some people may disagree with that. He has twin blades and has an ass kicking devil arms.

Lloyd Irving: Lets go colette!

Colette: *falls* Whoops sorry

*A new shorcut appears*

Lloyd: I wonder whats in here...

*Big long explanation on what may be in there*

Lloyd: Right then let's go!

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The main character of Tales of Symphonia for the Gamecubemade by Namco. His weapon is/are twin blades which have a stable balanced method of attack for the game's real time, player active gameplay. His personality is logical, but only in matters of fighting. He has a kind and sympathetic outlook on others and always works for what is right living his life by the Dwarven Vows, seeing as he was adopted and raised by a dwarf named Dirk. In the span of the game, Lloyd betters the lives of many in need and saves the world from complete destruction using the force of his Mother's Cruxis Crystal, a higher form of Exsphere, called the Angelus Project.

Lloyd Irving helped save Sylvarant and Tethe'alla.

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