What is Loafer?


Person who is generaly lazy and likes to sleep in, watch TV, and do other various lazy activities constantly. Comes from the late 1700's when it refered to a sailer who tried to avoid doing work.

He woke up at 3 pm? What a loafer!


Also a type of shoe.

Hey guys, look at my new loafers.

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A person who enjoys the very fine and enjoyable artform which requires lazing about, sleeping in, watching tv, possibly binging on junk food.

Not to be mistaken with a baker.

-C'mon, get outta bed! Sheesh, you're such a loafer!

-Hmmm, thanks...


a play on 'lover'

Garnered from an Italian saying the English word "lover" with an accent.

Can be used in place of "love".

"I loafer this food"

"Oi, you're my latin loafer."

"I am your loafer, koom keese me"

"I loafer soakin' cork!"

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the act of getting head while eating a loaf of bread, while doing this you must wear a condom and stick in the bread after

last night was an excelent loafer

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One who studies the art of loafing

Also see Loafing

"You're an excellent loafer, lazying around and stuff."

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loafer-a person who has experienced a sexual encounter with a loaf of bread.

wonka loafed the rye all night long.

shes a real loafer.


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