What is Lobotomised?


1. a patient after an operation where a small part of the brain is removed and is therefore usually overly calm and drools often

2.excedingly drunk, to the point of wishing you were dead and hurling vomit and feces in every direction.

ext. lobotron: someone that constantly partakes in the act of becoming lobotomised.

1. the man drooling in the courtyard of the assylum was lobotomised.

2. i dont remember what i did last night but i am sore and i stink this morning my freinds said i was lobotomised and told me about how i was walking to people and vomiting on them and i smelled bad because i shat myself and constantly falling over and screaming tht i wished i was dead.

ext. my friends all tell me i am a lobotron but i cant remember anything except being in the shower and smelling really bad.

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