Lobster Toss

What is Lobster Toss?


The act of throwing the body of a prostitute (or sexual partner who owes you money) into a body of water larger than a river (i.e. lake, sea, ocean) after having killed them through means involving a tire iron, crowbar, or the like.

Note: If the body of water is smaller than a river (i.e. pond, gully, toilet) it is known as a Crab Spin. Not to be confused with Tail Spin, a popular animated television program about several talking animals on drugs.

Steven Tyler: Man, this is the worst day ever.

Aerosmith Fan: What is it Steven, anything I can help with?

Steven Tyler: I just fucked some ho and afterwards I killed her with a carbon rod.

Aerosmith Fan: I think I might be willing to perform a little lobster toss, if you'd like.

Steven Tyler: I truly am the greatest person ever. Also, by the time you get home, you may want to lobster toss your daughter.

Aerosmith Fan: I hate your music. Especially Living On The Edge. And I'll fucking kill you.

See tire iron, aerosmith, prostitute, ho, bitch, bitch-ho


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