What is Local?


n. Your local neighbourhood pub

"Hey mate, lets go down to the local for a pint."

See Cahir


Prominant people who have lived in an area for an extended period of time.

"Yeah, he's mad local up in Newy. Everyone knows him."

See Diego


Regional. Hawaii. Pidgin English.

1. n. a person born and raised in Hawaii.

2. adj. describing a person born and raised in Hawaii.

3. n. a person with dark skin, but not black.

4. n. Consisting of one or more of these ethnic backgrounds: Hawaiian, any Polynesian, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese.

5. adj. describing the culture and or food of modern Hawaii

1. Dat guy is Japanee, but not local.

2. Eh, I one, haole, but I local.

3. The suspect was described as local.

4. My fadda stay local, and my mom stay haole.

5. I miss da local food!


badass beyond human explaination.

That guy is local.

I wish I was as local as that guy.

Don't mess with him, he's local.

Jake, Andre, Miles, Beebe

See badass, scary, crazy, macho, buff


A hot babe, usually jailbaitseen while visiting another town. Usually either a total whore or unobtainable.

"Dude, I haven't seen a local in this whole damn town. This place sucks"

See jailbait, slut, hot babe, hotty, body


imperial fassys that think they are bad n roll like chavs giving shines at all times.

Oi man. Aks and Shiv and Vips and Pranav are all locals man.

See local


San Diego--geographically situtated in the lowest southern-most part of Cali. Acronym for Lower California. Even further south than socal.

"socal is great, but I like to vacation in local because it gets me further away from nocal."


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