What is Lock?


A shortened version of Warlock, a class in World of Warcraft.

lol, i pwned that lock.


1. figured out

2. under control

that boy's got the game on lock


a certainty, such as of an outcome

That round of poker was a lock.

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To End A Relationship

Used Mainly By Youths In London

Millie: You Gonna Lock It With Him Then

Suzy: Yeah I FInk So

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U keepin a very close eye on tings

"keepin someone on lock"

boy1:I saw ur chick da other day with anova man

Boy2: naa man couldnt of been her.I have her on lock

another example:

girl 1:Im goin out

girl 2:where u goin

girl 1:somewhere y?

girl 2:where eva u go ill find ya

girl 1: naa u wont

girl 2: yes i will i got i orn lock

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stay quite, remain idle doing no harm,

lock kore boshe thak.

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to end a relationship

boy: oh i locked it with her

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