Logan Martin

What is Logan Martin?


The act of:

1. Having the general appearance of a rat, with squinty eyes, the lack of a chin, and loving cheese cock.

2. Kissing the highest amount of ass possible to have "friends", even though they tell you everyday that you are a faggot and are going to slit your throat with Brandon's pocketknife.

3. Playing every sport known to man at the shittiest level, getting cut from the team, then updating your Myspace with the name "Soccer is my Life", when you were cut from the team because you could not run a goddamn mile without having to stop for a cum break.

Yeah, I played soccer for the high school, and I got cut, but soccer is my life, and I root for some faggot team that I saw when my dad turned the channel to ESPN.

Actually, that would make you a Logan Martin, you motherfucking chinless ass rat. Go fuck your brother Stuart Little in the ass, and you can give the sloppy seconds to Algernon.

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