What is Lolii?


Always Positive thing to be

1) An Irish girl who would be one of the sweetest people you are likely to meet, but has red hair, so she can be fiery when she needs to be!

2) A girl who has an unhealthy fixation with shoes, just one of many obsessions, but each obsession is just another reason to love her.

3)A girl who will cheer up her best friend by making him/her appriciate the simple things in life, eg tea, and by listening to him/her rant about members of the opposite sex, and therefore, they would be lost without her.

verb- To Lolii, Making wierd noises when one is overly happy and/or annoyed

1)"My god she's so nice but when you annoy her she goes nuts, what a Lolii"

2)"She gets more excited about the shoes she's going to wear than anything else when she's going out, she's Loli"

3)"my best mate listened to me moan about that arsehole for hours, she's Lolii, I'd be lost without her"

4)"I'm so excited,, Nrrrhhaahhheeeee, oops, lolii'ed"

See lauren, lovely, best friend, growbag


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