What is Lolser?


someone who is so much of a loser that they are laughable, or lolworthy.

This could be for a wide range of reasons.

Person 1: Dude, did you hear about Esteban getting kicked in the balls by that girl last night?

Person 2: Haha, yeah, that seems to happen all the time - what a lolser

See lolser, lol, loser, lolworthy, cool


when you're laughing at someone and they think you're laughing with them.

ridicule, loser

"Hahahahah, you LOLSER."


laughing stock, loser...a loser that is completely wothy of laughing at

bert is such a lolser!!!


Noun. Similar to loser, except you laugh at the person at the same time.

BF1942 idiot #1: "I just crashed my plane into the ground."

BF1942 idiot #2: "You lolser."

Also see noob, douchebag, and trekkie.

See noob, idiot, moron, douchebag, trekkie


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