What is Lolutah?


A place where a large demographic of gay men recreate en masse. There are many smelly people involved, as well. However, it is not uncommon for underage girls to attempt to appear older than they are, at which time the "straight" older men smell blood and beg, plead, force the girls to post pics of their boobies. In this channel, it is comprehensively acceptable to call close friends and newbies alike "faggot niggers."

"Hey Rick, it's 3am, what the hell are you doing at the computer? Don't you have work in three hours?"

"I'm checking lolutah for mens, you faggot. Laffo."

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Noun - A state of Utah in which it is a state within a state, a microcosm of such. An Irc channel in which users discuss funny and Utah.

Verb - A pursuit of the essence of life,

#Lolutah is in your box, separating your wires.

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