What is Loofa?


Actually, despite common perception, loofa refers to the vulva, or vaginal area.

This meaning comes from the ancient story about women getting soap on their loofas, a pseudonym for their "private parts," while showering in Deleware.

"Man, don't touch my loofa! It's wet!"

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As said by the great Jimmy Fallon on his "The Bathroom Wall" album. "...a masculine-ifyed version of the feminime 'puff'" It is used to scrub off dead skin cells, dirt and reportably rips out ass hair.

"...he has his little basket out stuff...it holds your shampoo, your soap, you loofa...a french bread lookin' like thing that rips out your ass hair."


1)when a man doesnt shave his facial hair and then tries to amke out with a woman and rakes her face causing and very unpleasent feeling and possibly a facial rash.


2)a creepy and unpleasent man who gets in bed with two girls and takes his pants off.

1)he didnt shave today, hes soo loofa right now

2) that guy is total creeper. loofa status.

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Incorrect term to describe an item correctly known as a "poof."

"Hand me the soap and that loofa" should actually read "Hand me the soap and that poof."

See O.D.


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