What is Lort?


Lort is a danish word for 'Shit'.

Often used to describe that a thing/action was bad.

"Det her mad smager af LORT!"

"This food taste of Shit (Lort)!"

"Det var virkelig noget lort, du lavde der."

"That was really a stupid action."

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This is the noise that occurs when a fart passes through bath water.

Whilst chilling in the tub, if one feels the need to fart, a bubble will rise and explode with the resulting sound: LORT!

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shortnd way of saying "see you later" or "good bye"

1 It was nice partying with you but I'm going to the bar, Lort!

2 That dude just lorted.

3 Im lorting soon.

can also be used in the phrase "see you LORT!"

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An ignorant fuck. Usually referring to a person from Europe who thinks they know American culture by watching our media.


Someone who views Americans of all races as inferior and bastardized in language and culture.

This word has become more popular since after 9/11.

See that French lort over there.

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