Love Hurts

What is Love Hurts?


1. a song by incubus that is hated all around by many people however is also loved by many others. a love hate thing. 2. a statment that is tfue down to the bone. love may be one of the greatest things on earth. but if all fails it will hurt deep down its not a physical or mental hurt its just a hurt that is impossible to explain. in short Love Hurts.

1. (turns on radio) *love hurts, but sometimes its a good hurt and it feels like im alive* me: ARRRGHHH! PEOPLE STOP REQUESTING THAT SONG!!! 2. Dave: Man i came home today and my girlfriend of 3 years was gone and left a note saying im sorry. Me: dude im sorry. thats one fucked up chick. Dave: you know what they say, love hurts. Me: you said man.

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