Loved Up

What is Loved Up?


To be high on ecstasy.

Was that DJ really good or did I just think so because I was all loved up?


The feeling of love and well being whilst high of drugs normally strong Class A types.

I'm soooo loved up


To be in a relationship that is noticeably - often excessively - romantic. (Chiefly used in UK, sometimes sarcastically but often without irony)

"Dave and Anna are so loved up, they're always holding hands and just looking at each other."

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also known as "sexed up", a very good thing.

"he done got loved up and turned into a horny toad"


high as a frickin kite

i was so loved up i was bouncin off the walls

See louis


Someone who talks about their girlfriend quite a lot, or does stuff for said girlfriend.

Me, apparently (Matt) am loved up. Sally Jenkinson said so. She's a cummer, and a beanflicker.


Once described as having a crush on every person you see.

See louis


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