What is L-train?


A cross town train that runs along 14th Street in Manhattan and goes out to Brooklyn. Hipster Express: Better known for transporting hipsters from Williamsburg to the hipsters of the East Village and vice versa.

I took the L-train from the Bedford stop today but I didn't wear my trucker hat so I felt out of place.


1) (n) The late train.

2) (n) Elevated trains in Chicago or NYC.

"I'm on the L train going insane" -- The Roots (Silent treatment).


Smoking an L of weed on the way to school, work, etc

Friend: Bro i got some nug so since you gave me a ride home today we can take the L-train to school tomorrow morning.

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A Trill ass dude from washington that is bout his paper

"man that L-TRAIN guy is a player, he gets hella girls and stacks knots!"

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The best subsitute to ever live. He is able to teach under any conditions and is very smart. He can also be funny.

"Did you hear? We are getting a good sub today in science!"



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