What is Luhg?


Love United Hate Glazer

Glazer looked to take-over the club and the fans showed their distaste for this disinterested foreign capitalists’ plan to make a quick buck with mass protests, boycotts and demonstrations. The Glazers had seen objections to their ownership of a sports club before, when they took over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and conned the city into paying for a new stadium for them. They expected some trouble when they took over Manchester United but maybe not to have to be driven away from the ground in a police van chased by angry fans. They expected this trouble to go away after a while, just as it had in Tampa.

The Love United, Hate Glazer campaign reminds everyone, the Glazers, David Gill, the players, the fans still going to Old Trafford; that the objections to the Glazers ownership of our club haven’t gone away. Our aim is to get the Club into the ownership of the fans and nothing else will now do.

Love United.

Pride, Passion, Pain, Pals. Our football club founded by Newton Heath railway workers in 1878. Billy Meredith, James Gibson, Matt Busby, the Babes, the 68 European Cup, Best and Law, the 26 years, Cantona, Beckham, Keane, “you can’t expect to win anything with kids”, the Double Double and the Treble. LUHG.

Hate Glazer.

Asian markets, Merchandising, TV deals, a trade price put on loyalty and tradition. Bought our club in a hostile takeover using money borrowed at credit card rates just so he could bleed it dry. Doesn’t know football isn’t called “soccer”. Declared his interest in buying our club on the anniversary of the Munich air crash. Opened up an ice-rink at Old Trafford the day George Best died. Not a proper billionaire and every penny of the money borrowed by Glazer to buy the club has to be paid back by us, the fans who make up the club, plus interest of around £62 million a year. Increased ticket prices, no money for transfers, no money to retain our best players, no money to remain the footballing force we once were. LUHG.

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