Lustful Diarrhea

What is Lustful Diarrhea?


An uncontrollable expression of desire. Typically an unprovoked or random statement of a sexual nature that is poorly received.

1. Billy be all chillin' wit his crew scopin' Nascar, till his buddy's sister-momma smacked'em wit da knowlgedat she'd let'em take her on a Hot air balloon rideanyday". Dat lustful diarrhea broke de group like a ford hittin' a kiddy-squirrel.

2. When that bro saw that broadstruttin' her sexy parts, he holla'd "damn baby, I wanna prime your pump good" quicker than a Kenyan on Powerthirst. That broad's nose curled at the stench of that lustful diarrhea.

See lust, diarrhea, uncontrollable, sexual, random


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