What is Lyman?


a male teacher over the age of 35 who is obsessed with the female students(usually between 10th and 12th grade), which leads him to try to have sex with them

Teacher - "Gina, meet me after class, if you want that extra credit"

Gina's friend - "that dude is a lyman, stay away and call the cops"

See lyman, sexual harrassment, wierdo, crazy


An insult used to call someone stupid, dumb, annoying, etc.

"That guy is a total lyman."

"You lyman! You ate all our cheese!"


A sickness that gives you a rash all over your face, and repulses women. (see also crap-bag)

I can't come into work today bob, I've got Lyman's disease

See lyman, sick, repulsive, lame, stupid, crapbag


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