Lynch Mob

What is Lynch Mob?


1. A group of people that lynches someone who was accused of something, but who was never tried for it.

2. The group of people who lynched Jesus, even though he was tried and found innocent.

3. The masses of people who celebrate a lynching by displaying replicas, from their necks and on their homes and churches, of the weapon used in a lynching.

90 years ago, a lynch mob used a weapon made of rope to lynch my paternal grandfather.

2,000 years ago, a lynch mob used a weapon made of wood to lynch my Eternal Father.

I won't insult the memory of either one of them by displaying a replica of the injustice committed against either one of them.


A group of people who kill somebody based on accusations with no proof. They generally hang the said person from a tree or other structure. Sometimes they will also wrap barbed wire around the victim and then hang him/her.

"That guy got killed by the lynch mob for supposedly scratching the painr one of their cars."

"The lynch mob hung that guy for supposedly fucking one of their sisters even though they had no proof."


The defense for Kansas State University football.

A huge third-down stop by the lynch mob.

The lynch mob is the best defense in the nation.


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