What is Lyndhurst?


A town in Bergen County New jersey, right outside the city of New York. back in the day known notoriously for tough italian and polish kids, the mafia, with alot of pride, has changed to a future slum. With some clues of mob activity, small gang activity and alot of political pull it has become very corrupt town. many urban citizens have made their home here, increasing the population which had dropped in the early 1990's... With much more developement to come, for example project housings, strip malls, a golf course, new baseball fields, and most importantly the seond biggest mall in the world soon to come!(2010).

otherwise, these motherfuckers are druggies and alcoholics, wannabe gang members, wannabe ghetto, everchanging trend people, boring in every situation, but ALWAYS have eachother's backs... ahahah

lyndhurst, i got noooo cluueee brooooo

See l-town, lyndhurst


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