What is M79?


Vietnam-era 40mm GL (Grenade Launcher).

It resembles a massively-oversized shotgun, but is capable of firing 40mm grenade rounds. It premiered in the Vietnam War. Now it has been replaced by Colt's M203, which is attachable under the rail of an M16 or M4. It is even attachable to various allied assault rifles, including China's T95.

Although the M79 is no longer in service by the immediate armed forces, special forces, like the SEAL's, continue to use the M79 for its own unique capabilities over the M203 (for one, the M79 is more quick to use, and not as cumbersome as the M203.....that is unless, you use the Tactical M203, which is basically an M203, capable of doing the usual firing of 40mm shells, but with a pistol grip).

"An M79 or Tactical M203 now that I brought up the deal with the Tactical M203?.....hmm...."


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A bus that crosses through 79th street in Manhattan New York. Often filled with many students from multiple schools. Not only acts as a form of transportation, but a social event on weekdays.

"Yo Did I see you on the M79 this morning?"

"Oh my god! I didn't know you were an M79er"

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The choice weapon for faggots in Soldat who can't use any other gun worth a flipping shit. Their motto is "one shot, one kill" when it should "shoot, miss like a total fucknugget, run like a pussy for the meds, repeat."

Go fuck yourself m79 faggot.

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