What is M4a?


MPEG Layer 4 audio. A fileformat generally used with music files that is higher in quality for about the same filesize. .m4a files are the most common file extension for audio imported off CDs using iTunes.

.m4a r0x0rz


m4a is a music format used mainly by iTunes beacuse it SUCKS. It apparently is higher in quality, if it is, then it would just be wasted by the iPOd.

Me: Hey! Jack you still owe me 2 CD's

Jack: Hands over USB flash drive.

Me: Oh i can drag and drop it onto my creative zen. Plugs into school computer. " WHAT THE FUCK! M4A? Oh well I'll take it home and use NCH switch to convert the file format.

Me:Just Before Opening up NCH SWITCH.Hey, some are in MP3 format. Opens with creative mediasource organiser/player. an X on the song title. Calls jack. "YOU SON OF A BITCH YOU JUST CHANGED THE FILE EXTENSION"

Jack: Yeah it works aye?

Me: hang up.

Next day, at school

Me: Punches jack in the face. "WHY THE FUCK DO YOU USE ITUNES?

Jack: iPod.

Me: Rubs creative zen in jack's face

See ipod, itunes, creative zen, m4a


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