Mac And Bumble

What is Mac And Bumble?


cock stick and pussy hole


a car driven in the late 1970s

"I could really go for a hardy portion of mac and bumble"


"Who's bringin' the mac and bumble to this partay?!"


TK: Get on your knees, and suck my mac

Mark: Hey, there... TK... i fingerfucked your mum's bumble. She got that bumble juice all over my brand new tall T. Now if that's not a raw deal, i don't know what is...


Mom: JIMMY! The dog's licking your sister's bumble again.


"Hey... I'm fuckin your daughter's bumble til its juice spews all over your fine china"

See fuck, cock, pussy, shit, dick, vag, vagina, asshole, ass fuck


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