Mad Clown Disease

What is Mad Clown Disease?


An afflictionwhich causes a speech-related abnormality only when saying the word "unfortunately." Whereas a normal person would say "un-for-chun-it-lee," a person in the later stages of mad clown disease will say "un-for-toon-ut-lee," much like a homosexual penguin. It's passed from person to person (or penguin) through Paris Hilton. Mad clown disease was first discovered by Dr. Al K. Seltzer in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. You know, "South" Africa? Vast strides have been made in the fight against mad clown disease. As of yet, no cure is forthcoming, and the disease is viciously contagious. Currently, the method we are using to study the disease is spending time in the Paris Hilton (not the hotel). What? It's research!

Oh no, another outbreak of mad clown disease! Euthanizeall penguins and Hilton sisters! Stay away from their orifices!


a 3 piece Punk Band Trashing Songs , and having a fucking excellent time doing it...people leaving the show are often affected by mad clown disease, which induces the inner Clown within to explode, bring undetermined concequences

Oh "Mad Clown Disease"are on i think ill take off my top and expose myself to all.

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