What is Maddy?


A brilliantly smart girl, extremely hot, fun to be with. Can make just about anyone laugh. Inclined to psycopathic tendancies, but only towards people(or things) that deserve it. Very inquisitive by nature,and can't stand not knowing the asnwer to something. People are always jealous of a Maddy, mostly because they're against pretty people/smart people, or they just wish they were as cool as a Maddy.

"Man, I wish I was a Maddy!"

"Look at that girl over there, I bet she's a Maddy."

"I hate that Maddy, I'm so jealous of her!"

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An extremely awesome, hot, cool, nice, smart girl. she can make anyone laugh, and everyone loves to be around her. she has long hair, and likes sports. shes funny and outgoing, so she naturally draws people to her.

Wow! i like wanna be near that girl all the time! she MUST be a Maddy.

Wow I just laughed the most I ever have in my whole life! and Maddy is the one who made me laugh!!

wow...i wish my girlfriend was like Maddy...

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to get really really drunk and fuck a random person and not remember anything the next morning

girl #1:hey i think i pulled a maddy last night cuz i cant remember anything and my vagina is really sore

girl #2:wow what a hoe you need to get an abortion

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Best hugger in the WORLD!

Hey YOU give me a maddy hug!

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The most amazingg girl alive!

she hotter than you,

shes nice when your nice to her.

she loves starburst.

doesnt like it when people named Michael want to kill her friendds.

She is jsut super duper chill and stelller and you should love herrr forever.


"Dude, Maddy is the bestestest !"

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An ugly demon that was found eating the insides of an emu egg on dust island. She/He is a very fugly tomato molerat-like substance, and her human excitance on earth does not effect anyone.

"omg theres maddy"


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taking a day off for no reason at all.

leaving early.

taking a holiday when felt like it.

im doing a maddy.

im having a maddy day today

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