Magic Face

What is Magic Face?


The "ART" of oral sex when performed from a female onto a male in such a mind shattering way that the male is faced with a striking reaffirmation of reality i.e. that there must be a God and this God is a good God and that all people and inherently good. This can result in a cheerful demeanor for years after the act is performed fading only slightly after a 10 year period. Can be as bad as it can be good; it may stunt ones growth in other areas of life and well being; having all of ones mind concentrated on chasing the "High" of magic face for ever.

Often referred too as putting you cock in a box full of heaven.

Man - "Holy shit that is the most amazing thing that has ever happen to me or anyone else in a world ever"

Women - "really? you think it was good?"

Man - "Fuck Yeah Magic Face.ease leave. Man I'm hungry. ZZZZZZZZ" - (He slept for 6.5 years)((True Story))

See head, magic, awesome, happy


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