What is Maidenhead?


hymen, virginal knot

He took her maidenhead long before their wedding night.


Town in the South East of England near Slough, Windsor, Reading & Only 30 miles west of London.

Populated with townies, rudeboys and pompous middle class people driving BMWs, Mercs and SUVs.

Wanna buy a house? Well £150,000 will get you a nice 2 bedroom flat. :P

Not as bad as Slough

Mark: Maidenhead has no soul.

Tom: Yep, its full townies and rudeboys fighting every night.

Mark: Not as bad as Slough though.

Tom: Nowheres as bad as Slough.

Mark: Although someones house did just get petrol bombed.

Tom: Not as bad as Slough though.

Mark: And every night the town centre is like a war zone.

Tom: Not as bad as Slough though.

Mark: Yeah guess you're right :)




1.the hymen


the condition or quality of being a maiden;virginity

basically means a womans virginity

mother:my daughter still has her maidenhood

boyfriend:not after last night she doesn't!!

nobody keeps there maidenhead for their

marrage nowdays

See virginity, cherry, hymen, abstinence, celibacy, chastity


a girl losing her virginaty

i lost my maidenhead last night with nick

See Lisa


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