Make Some Friends.

What is Make Some Friends.?


General euphenism for taking a crap. Can be altered slightly to better describe the type of crapping situation one is about to experience or has experienced by explaining the experience your friends are having or about to have. See examples below.

to crap: Hey, I'm going to "make some friends."

to inquire: How are your friends?

crapping discomfort: My friends are angry today.

leftover floater: I went to go make some friends, but someone else's friends were there to greet me.

don't leave a floater: Never leave a friend behind.

post crapping: My friends have left the building.

self explanitory: There's a special place inside me for all my friends.

constipated: My friends didn't show up.

eating questionable food: My friends aren't going to like this.

(i think we see where this is going.)

See crap, shit, crapping, shitting, dump, toilet, flush, diarrhea, constipation, constipated, floater, turd


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