What is Male?


1. The gender of the human race with the Y chromozone.

2. Commonly reffered to as the "cancer" or "scum" of the earth by irrational and partially insane *feminists who find it worthy to create stereotypes rather than eliminate them.

3. The more muscled gender of the human race, sacrificing life expectancy for strength, endurance and physical size.

4. Has objectified women for countless years, up until now. Today, it's becoming more common for females to be equal in employment, education and constitutional rights around the world. Discrimination still exists, however.

* Not all feminists are like the ones mentioned above.

I cannot give an example, for I am a stereotypical male. That's right, a male having making a rational definition. *sarcasm* It's so nice to see that my female conterparts are doing the same. *end sarcasm*



A word often seen on the sides of mailboxes of illiterate people.

Hey Cletus, we got some male!!!!

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the other gender of the human form

i hate how women make this stereotype that all men are jerks. about 90% of us are, but i know for a fact that im not.

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1. Generally good people. But there are some examples of true assholes who do think that women are inferior to them and are just a means for sex. Not all are, but a select few need to get a serious wake up call.

For those who don't, thank you for being a good person. For those who do, if you need sex that bad, here's a magazine, some lotion, and I hope you are smart enough to find your hand.

3. female

An inferior species that, over the course of time, has not learned that it's purpose is sex. They have insisted that they be equal to men, when in fact, they could never be. Fat women should die.

Rape is fun. Really fun.

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something gifted with two heads, but only uses one or the other...or neither

female: want to come over later?

male: sure

male's thoughts: dude! sex!

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I personally use this as an insult to any men who are close to me, it's a friendly insult; if you get what I mean. Dosn't mean anything as men (of course) are proud to be male as women are proud to be female, both too proud perhaps.

Men rock! I love 'em (specially men who like other men, they tend to be nicer) although some men are absolute horrid people who toy with women, cheat, use them but its the same for women too; stupid sluts. giving the rest of us females a bad name =(

Me: you're so male

Him: well... you're so female!

Me: *gasp* take that back!

Him: never!

Me: stop being so male and take it back, damn it!

(actual conversation)

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A big pile of muscles with ridiculous genitals.

See that male over there? He must spend at least two hours in gym a day!

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