Malt Liquor

What is Malt Liquor?


Cheap, overly strong beer, often found in poor neighborhoods in 40 oz bottles. Can occasionally be good; usually isn't.

And then there was the guy who couldn't tell St. Ives from a Maibock... the sad part is that he had a point...


High-powered, cheap source of booze-based amusement when one has only thirty dollars until payday. Seven dollars buys a lot of time-killing fun.

All I had for entertainment was a newspaper and three forty ounce bottles of malt liquor. It was a great day nonetheless.

See urban bourbon, forties


frothy beverage normally consumed on mondays in celebration of Malt Liquor Monday. Can be consumed at other times during the week. Usually found in 40 oz bottles, but is also a steal in the 6 pack of 16 oz hurricanes for $3.87.

Drink malt liquor, its not as bad as you think.

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good and cheap liquor from the hood

imma get me some sparks


acoholic beveraged prefered by darkies, gets u drunk 5 times faster, and since black ppl r kool the word means kool

That game is soo malt liquor, i wanna buy it!

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