What is Manbridge?


The act of teamwork inside a first person shooter (FPS) where a group of people get together and stack on top of eachother. This may be used in an attempt to get to a strategic place or to surprise attack the enemy.

The manbridge is best performed when your character is able to go into a prone position, thus becomming more horizontally bridge-like.

The first manbridge can be accredited to an online player named OutbreaK (more recently known as BREAK_EM_OUT_JONES)

and his group of friends on a DOD server back in July of 2006.

Dude that server was hella lame till we made that manbridge!

Whats that up there? Is that a manbridge?

See man, bridge, manbridge, dod, source, fps


The skin on the male that connects his giggleberries to his cinnamon ring. Often gets sweaty during anaerobic excercise and can smell pretty foul. Always use a good quality deoderant/anti-perspirant.

After that bitch was finished giving me some great Georgia Dome, she took the manbridge and and gave my poop-shoot a nice spitshine


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