What is Marchisio?


v. to flail ones arms widely in times of panic

'did you see when that baboon came straight for him he marchisioed!'


n: To have one's head so deeply implanted in their own ass that the person is completely oblivious to his/her surroundings.

Maybe if you weren't such a Marchisio you would notice that this girl you are hitting on isn't a girl at all.

See Tony Danza


adj1: To be overly thrifty when dealing with money.

adj2: Of or like a child with downs syndrome

adj1: Man, he counted every last penny...what a Marchisio

adj2: That kid sure looks like he would do well at the special olympics. What, he DOESN'T have downs syndrome?!? Yeah, he must be a Marchisio, thats for sure.

See zeus


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