What is Marination?


The juice that lingers under the skin around your balls a long time after having sex with a girl. It usually goes away after showering, but re-surfaces when you sweat can sometimes seem to last for like 2 weeks! For long-lasting effects, fall asleep inside the girl...

"damn Gina, i got marination all over my sac" And it won't go away....


Any concoction used to season food.

What a great smelling marination on the steak!

See marinate, spice, season, food


to get pwned or raped

if you are against a "noob" you refer to them as pork, because they are easy to kill, or make fun of or in other words marinate. If they are really good they can be a rack of ribs, a steak, or a filgion minion.

man i just killed your whole team, total marination

See marinated, pwned, raped, demolished, burned


the act of marinatin. the state of sauteing.

whas crackin ma nig? just marinatin in my own juices cuzzle


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