Marlon Brando

What is Marlon Brando?


Perhaps one of the greatest actors of the twentieth century...when he was at his best. This would have included his roles in "On the Waterfront," "A Streetcar Named Desire," "Apocolypse Now," and what most people know him from: "The Godfather." Unfortunetly he was reduced to little more than a charicature of himself, either wasting his talents or taking minute roles for huge amounts of money (Superman). Despite these choices he remains a master of his craft. His presence will be sorely missed.

Wow that guy's gonna be the next Marlon Brando (Impossible)


Don Corleone!

Marlon Brando got a best actor oscar for playing Don Corleonein the Godfather, while Robert De Niro got a best supporting actor for playing the same charactor (although some years younger) in Godfather part II

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One of the greatest actors of the twentieth century.

With sagging cheeks.


An Awesome Song by slipknot called eyeless has his name in one if the lines.

You can't see california whithout marlon brando's eyes!!!

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Sexual intercourse with a midget

I'm bored. Let's find a midget and give him a Marlon Brando!


To act similar to Marlon Brando, whoever he is.

He pulled a marlon brando again, whatever that's supposed to mean.

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