What is Marni-lyn?


a species of female aprox. 5"4 with curly brown hair, often dyed darker.Brief periods,especially in youth, of abnormal muscular development. Chooses swimming as a favourite sport. Generally has blue eyes and a characteristic nose.Prefers a messy environment. Likes tall boyfriends and cradle snatching. Friends little brothers generally enjoy her vast chest. Will never be described as a "lanky skank". Over all a babe.

person A : "where did your little brother go"

person B: "probably off with Marni-Lyn"

"man, check out these biceps, you could almost say I pulled off a marni-lyn"

See nose, curly, lingerie, swimming, children, tea, kind, babe, sexy, baller, boss, perfect, talented, bilingual, saucy, funky, toilet, ambassador, flawless


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