What is Marty?


This bad-ass mother from round the way who takes bong tokes like a fucking man.

damn, look at Dr. Marty hit that shit.

See marti, bad ass, dr., marijuana


The unique combination of looks, confidence, glib and projection of sexual potential that comprises a man's ability to attract a female. Also known at the man-vibe, mack or mojo.

"Damn, my Marty must be off cuz I thought for sure she'd suck my dick."

See loser, mack, mojo


A flexible word used as a noun, verb or adjective. Starting to be used within the University of Melbourne engineering department and slowly making its way into the science department.

Noun: average sized individual, smart wit, has dreadlocks, enjoys a good laugh, slighty agitating to some, can be perceived as odd or out of the ordinary

Verb: 1. completely bugger something up, 2. an act of utter disgust that will induce involuntary vomiting, 3. to add that extra something that crosses the line in any given conversation

Adjective: 1. unique, 2. odd, 3. strange, 4. unconventional, 5. amusing, 6. foul minded, 7. awesome, 8. random, 9. inappropriate, 10. very cool

"you're such a marty"

"nice one, just marty it why don't you?"

"you really marty-ed that"

"that was a really marty thing to do"

"oh, that was marty, man"

See martie, random, amusing, inappropriate, unique


The Best Man I Know He Is My Fiance And I Love him..Hes Great Hes A Bed Rocker...

Me:Marty Your A Bed Rocker And I love you

Marty:I Know Babe.

See marty, love, fiance


a marty is a swindler of sorts. many of them are bald and male. they tend to be very charming even tho they are not exactly lookers. but beware. he may have had more than one or two restraining orders and/or orders of protection against different women in his past, girlfriends wives, etc. that can be very profitable for a marty, and much less messy as there is usually a new love interest (or something)...another red flag with marties...they may have had one or more lawsuits, suing their employer for getting "hurt" on the job and things of that nature. he may work intermittently flipping burgers or something like that, attempting to appear as tho he holds a regular job all the while thriving on the profit he has accumulated via shady shit. gray area.

amber: oh michelle! i have a new boyfriend and he is SO sweet and wonderful. he has a job even. i'm so happy:) he says he is a rockstar!

michelle: ok amber i am happy for you but be careful...i wouldn't want to see you get "martied".

See marty, gray, order, protection, lawsuit


To lag or make excuses while refraining/abstaining from consuming an alcoholic beverage.

Boy Dave is sure Martying that jack & coke.

See lagging, procrastination, vagina


Shortened form of the word martyrdom, used in the Xbox 360 and PC game Call of Duty 4to express disgust for the use of the "martyrdom perk" in which a downed enemy drops a live grenade upon death, often catching the unwitting killer in the blast. Players often whine about this game mechanic as unfair but are usually quickly met with the counter argument that it is indeed part of the game and that if they cannot handle COD4, they should go play World of Warcraft.

"Ha! You walked right over my marty grenade!"

"Damn marty nade! Get rid of that noob perk!"

"Whine some more, maybe they'll remove it in the next update. Fat chance, if you can't handle the heat, go play WoW nub."

See marty, martyrdom, cod4, call of duty 4, perk


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