Matthew Bellamy

What is Matthew Bellamy?


The most talented musician to walk the earth in his time. Front man from Muse

The most gorgeous man in the world.

"Gosh, that Matthew Bellamy is fit"

"Wow! Matthew Bellamy is hotter in person"!!

"Your looking very Matthew Bellamy today"

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Matthew Bellamy-

Orgin- His Parents (Father musican)

Matthew Bellamy- God like person. Amazing Musican/Songwriter.

Extream perfection of Manhood

He is so good, he could almost be Matthew Bellamy.

So very Matthew Bellamy..

By the Beauty of Mathhew Bellamy!!

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Matthew Bellamy is THE god of music. He is just an amazing artist, and he is just great at what he does. Also, he is sexeh ;)He is the lead guitarist, and lead vocalist of Muse <3 I recommend Listening to Muscle Museum, Space Dementia or Megalomania. Good vocal on all three songs.

Barbara: Did you see Matthew Bellamy last night?!

Doris: Yeah! He is sooo amazing on stage!



Front man of indescribably amazing English band Muse.

Eccentric, enviously talented, Beautiful, with a knack for saying the right thing at the right time for comic effect or to provoke independant pondering

"When I think back to how I was in school, it seemed like I wasn't quite there, like my body was doing its thing but my mind was elsewhere. But suddenly I feel like I've come into focus, like I can see things for the first time. It's very strange. I feel.... new born." Matt Bellamy relates these thoughts in the spacious back lounge of their tour bus, while standing on his head with a gold pen stuck up his nose. With any other singer this would seem like another attention seeking affectation; with Bellamy however, it's more an indication of his carefree 'top-of-the-world' state of mind right now."


Matthew James Bellamy is the lead singer, guitarist and pianist of rock group Muse.

Bellamy is known for his high vocal range.

He's an atheist.

Avoids Hard Drugs but likes Magic Mushrooms every now and then.

He's known for using Manson Guitars.

Italian Fetish.

And well known for his "Sex Face" and fan of conspiracy theories.

That Matthew Bellamy is such a good musician.

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1. Matthew James Bellamy, 29

2. Singer/songwriter/guiatrist/keyboardist of the best British band currently making music, Muse. Has a fantasic, energetic, spastic stage presence. His music makes people dance. Has a strange obsession with aliens and conspiracy theories. Quite intelligent and creative. Atheist, but has no problem with religion. He has cool style and awesome spiky hair. Can play guitar and piano like a motherfucker. He wears nice shoes and does magic mushrooms. He has the best attitude towards drugs possible. Probably the most talented musically of any band frontman around currently. Quite pretty.

3. Synonym for fantastic and brilliant in Brazil.

4. Conspiracy-theorist.

5. BLUE EYES!!!!!!

6. Fantastic Songwriter.

7. Synonym for a classy musician who won't name names in the press unlike that douchebag Noel Gallagher.

1. Matthew James Bellamy, 29, is brilliant


3. You're like, sooooo Matthew Bellamy right now.

4. You are quite a Matthew Bellamy, you know?


6. I think Paul McCartney is quite a Matthew Bellamy, actually

7. Good for you, Adam Lazzara, being a Matthew Bellamy like that.

Why can't Lily Allen be more like Matthew Bellamy?

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guitarist / lead singer / pianist of the band Muse.. Also known as God.

I hope Matthew Bellamy will let me in when I die.

See muse, dominic howard, rock, god


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