What is Meatballing?


When two partners engage in sexual intercourse and the male performs cunnilingus on the female during her menstrual cycle, he inadvertently collects some of her uterine lining into his mouth. As he finishes the oral sex, the two partners kiss, and the male spits the detritus of blood and menstrual chunks back into her mouth. This is the art of "meatballing," as the chunks represent what looks like a meatball.

"So, what are you ordering for dinner?"

"Spaghetti and meatballs."

"That's disgusting!"

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the act of whispering to your girlfriend on the phone.

Austin be meatballing with his girlfriend every night.

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the act of "tea bagging" someone only with one side of the scrotum.

i got caught meatballing some dude so he tried to cut off my ball.

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The act of sucking chunky menstruation out of a girl's vagina during her period.

Guy 1 : "I went meatballing last night"

Guy 2 : "How did that work out for you?"

Guy 3 : "I got lots of extra protein and iron"

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