Meef Chief

What is Meef Chief?


A major "boss" icon. Man of power, wisdom, and ladies. The meef chief finds delight in sushi, soccer, and women. The true Meef Chief is simply known as "J".To become a co-meef chief you must find delight in gnarfing, zorching, and meefing. A meef is a male queef. Another requirment to become a co-meef chief is you must become a MCF member. See the definition of MCF to fully understand what you are gettign your self into. God is with you. You are with the god father, the god of meef, the one and only, THE MEEF CHIEF.

Barrett: Dude now that I gnarfed all night, I can finally be a co meef chief!

Spencer: Congrats, you maggie clit fuck!

See meef, queef, chief, mcf, clit


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