What is Meight?


leet speak for mate.

Yer, ur right meight, I R TEH UHNERER!


So originally "mate" would mean either freind (informal); or someone who you were planning on impregnating / getting impregnated by (depending on the reader's gender, if they have one at all) The internet and texting alike meant people were more interested in saying "m8" to save time, however, etymology clearly shows that the words carry less emotion, in such instances as people constantly saying "m8" when they dont mean it ... (see example)

Which brings the nation back to the point of "mEIGHT" whereupon they can realise their mistake in the first place and mock anyone who uses "m8", and ridicule it for its destruction of human nature

Adam: alryt m8

Normal MSN participant: er ... hello .. mate ...

Adam: u ok m8?

Normal MSN particpant (slightly vexed): yeh, I'm ok, u alright yourself?

Adam: yeh i'm ok m8, r u alryt?

Normal MSN partiicpant ( faggrivated): erm ... look seriously I'm alright, you're alright, was there anything you wanted to talk about

Adam: yeh m8, im jus chattin to sum of my msn peeps

Normal MSN participant (back to normal state when he realises Adam is simply a silly little beggfreind who's emotions are replaced with Newspeak, he therefore no longer gives a shit): that's nice

Adam: yeh, neway I'm a little cunt and I keep chattin in cycles cos I'm a little cunt who has no personality of his own, I hide behind letters and digits, I ain't even got the guts to say "meight", not in real life anyway

Normal MSN participant: ur a cunt m8

See cunt-guy, cockle


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