What is Meriod?


When a man is moody and irritable he's on his man-period or meriod.

"Jeff is so moody this week! He must me on his meriod!!"


The meriod is a recurring cycle of physiological changes in the males of some animal species (predominantly the metrosexual human) that is associated with reproductive fertility.

An uprise in hormonal blood saturation leads to neuroticism, aggression, irritation and petty hostility; which are some of the reasons why the meriod is scientifically identified as the male counterpart of the "period"

A Meriod may also sometimes be referred to as Manstruation.

"Golly gee darn, I'm on my meriod again"

"Why are you being such a b%$@^?" - "I'm sorry, it must be my meriod"

"Son, basically, a meriod is where you get all up in my grill like your mother does when she hasn't taken her happy pills"

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a man period. when a man is acting like a bitch, it could be said he is on his period.

will is really acting like a fag lately. ya he's on his meriod.

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