What is Michele?


1.A girl who does not try yet always gets attention.

2.Musical girl with a modern siren like vibe.

3.A girl always causing men to "crash" due to her beauty.

4.Highly attractive female who could care less

-That girl is such a Michele!

-Man I wish my girlfriend could be like a Michele!!

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A very good friend. someone that is always there for you and never leaves your side. basically amazing.

Michele you're amazing.

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A very concieted girl, yet she has every right to be concieted.

She is also very intelligent, and has a way with manipulating things.

She's also the love of my life.

oooh, my michele is so awesome. :)

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A word to describe delicious banana flavored cupcakes with vanilla icing. Not to be confused with banana nut bread or any other bananay substances. Often contains pretty sprinkles like the ones found on blueberry Pop-Tarts.

"That Michele was tasty."

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synonomous for the terms weird, odd, strange, or creepy

"Dood amanda have you seen that Canale girl?"

"Yeah she is so Michele"

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a morbidly obese person. eats everything in her path. can consume mass quantities of food in a day and should probably consider competitive eating. usually has a thick accent, or maybe it's just because of the food that is always in her mouth.

person:My motto in life is a penny saved is a penny earned. What's yours?

Michele:Are you gonna eat that?

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the incorrect spelling of the beautiful name michelle

(at starbucks)



*recieves coffee

*cup says michele


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