Miley Cyrus Syndrome

What is Miley Cyrus Syndrome?


Miley Cyrus Syndrome, or MCS for short, is an affliction whereby males mistakenly believe that a female is attractive based on her accomplishments or social status, despite her hideous appearance.

For the female version of MCS, see Michael Phelps Syndrome.

Geoff: Wow, Jenna Fischer is so hot.

Brad: No, you just think she's hot because she's on The Office.

Geoff: But she's so cute.

Brad: Are you kidding? She's not really even tappable. You've clearly got Miley Cyrus Syndrome.

Geoff: Whatever. What time is Grey's on tomorrow?

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When you have double life, as Hannah Montana does. In Extreme cases people have been now to spontaneously burst into song about how fabbity fab fab their life is.

OMG, I think I have Miley Cyrus Syndrome!

How come?


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