Millwall Fan

What is Millwall Fan?


Being one myself, I must agree fully with other definitions that we are a rare breed these days thanks mostly to in-migration of non-whites causing a massive exodus of whites who once lived all over Bermondsey, New Cross and as far afield as Lewisham in great numbers.

Long dead are the days of 20,000 fans travelling to and taking over the Valley - more likely to find a dwindling 1500 sitting on buses up to Watford.

Where is this Millwall fan? South Wales, after evacuating London ahead of the masses of...others.

"a millwall fan is rather like a Man Utd fan - most commonly found living FAR away from where they play"


A half-wit scumbag who thinks he's hard cos of his clubs past history. Cannot speak English as in firty free(33), sarf London(south London), fik as fuk(not very clever).Usually lives in the rat-infested council estates of Bermondsey & drinks shandy!!!

That Millwall Fan only fights little boys.A spotty-faced gypo eating pie & mash.

See chavs, wife-beaters, losers


A person that supports a soccer team caled Millwall. These people usually regularly partake in incest. They are often poor and live in caravans. They are the scum of the earth. This type of person is now hard to find as South London is now taken over by blacks.

Your a pikey/tramp/bum/hobo = Your a Millwall fan

Scum=Millwall fans


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